Climate Change-Resilient Corals Grow Up to 50x Faster Using This Natural Healing Process

The planet has lost more than half of its living coral since 1950, a result of climate change, ocean acidification, overfishing, and pollution. Coral farming is proven to help restore reefs, but standard ocean-based farms are limited in scale, species diversity, and geography, and they are not tailored to enhance corals’ resilience against climate change. Learning from corals’ natural healing processes through micro fragmentation, associated with on land-based farms, the startup Coral Vita grows climate change-resilient corals up to 50 times faster than in nature and restores dying reefs around the world. The Ray of Hope Accelerator (formerly Prize) supports nature-inspired solutions addressing the world's biggest environmental and sustainability challenges.

Created in honor of Ray C. Anderson, founder of Interface, Inc. and a business and sustainability leader, the $100,000 Ray of Hope Prize (2020-2023) shone a light on the innovative, nature-inspired solutions that we need to build a sustainable and resilient world. Coral Vita was selected as a finalist for the 2022 Ray of Hope Prize. Starting in 2024, the Ray of Hope Accelerator, built upon 8 years of programming, continues to support and foster a vibrant global community of innovative startups inspired by nature.

Watch the video below to learn more about Coral Vita.