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The Best of Biology and Electrochemistry Produces Carbon Negative Chemicals

Anodyne Chemistries has created a new bioelectric manufacturing process to produce chemicals more efficiently and sustainably than the leading thermochemical process.

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Biomimicry Institute Announces 2024 Ray of Hope Accelerator Cohort

Meet 2024’s Top 10 Nature-Inspired Startups Working to Solve Crucial Environmental and Social Problems

The Biomimicry Institute today announced the 10 startups selected to participate in the transformational Ray of Hope Accelerator. The six-month accelerator is designed to propel nature-inspired startups towards commercialization through robust training, networking, $15,000 in non-dilutive funding and over $50,000 of in-kind services.

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Combatting Plastic Pollution: A New Nature-Inspired Solution

Scientists at Cellugy are pioneering the use of bacteria found in fermentation to produce cellulose at scale for cosmetics and personal care products. This natural substance not only offers a safe alternative to plastic-based ingredients but also boasts the ability to trap water, oil droplets, vitamins, and pigments, providing effective skincare solutions while reducing our reliance on harmful plastics.

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Climate Change-Resilient Corals Grow Up to 50x Faster Using This Natural Healing Process

Coral Vita grows climate change-resilient corals up to 50 times faster than in nature and restores dying reefs around the world.

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Bright Idea: This Natural Glow Stick Doesn’t Pollute

Lux Bio invented an alternative to the toxic plastic wands that litter landfills and oceans.

Lux Bio, one of the 2023 Ray of Hope Finalists, was recently featured for their compostable glow sticks, which help keep toxic trash out of landfills and oceans.

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Brightening Our Corner

The Ray C. Anderson Foundation recently published its May newsletter, featuring stories from the Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business, Drawdown Georgia, The Ray, The Biomimicry Institute and more.

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Ray of Hope Finalist, Cellugy, raises €4,9M to replace petrochemicals in personal care products

2023 Ray of Hope Prize Finalist, Cellugy has raised €4,9M to replace petrochemicals in personal care products.

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New Self-healing Composite Material Boosts the Circular Economy

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Plant-based pigment developer Sparxell secures 3.2 million dollar funding

Sparxell was the 2023 Ray of Hope Prize Winner

UK manufacturer of plant-based pigments Sparxell has announced the closing of a 3.2 million dollar funding round which it said it would use to help accelerate the development and commercialisation of its products.

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New Pollination Devices Inspired by Bees Increase Crop Yield

Introducing BloomX

Inspired by honeybee and other pollinator strategies, BloomX's products increase crop yields while reducing the unsustainable farming practice of shipping billions of bees around the country each growing season.

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